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Nurse-Led Referral Service

An end-to-end referral service when managing staff into the NHS system

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Create the ability to support all employees – both insured and uninsured - from absence.

Beyond helping employees with options and information, the service is hands-on in supporting the employee in receiving fast and quality care. In some instances, NHS waiting times can be reduced by between 70% to 90%.

Cost Saving

PMI claims cost control


Faster care for uninsured Staff

Healthy Schedule

Reduce work absence

Nurse-Led Referral Service:

  • Unique comprehensive patient-centric care (this is not a claims process).

  • Assists employees whenever they need diagnostics or treatment.

  • Personal Support by telephone or face-to-face in any setting, dependent on need and individual preferences.

  • Covers all medical conditions within the NHS framework including cancer, cardiac & mental health.

  • Our team identifies and arranges treatment options available through the NHS and its e-patient referral service as well as any other cover an individual may have (Cash Plan or PMI).

  • We profile hospitals according to personal requirements.

  • For serious conditions like cancer, we provide ongoing monitoring of treatments being administered to make sure that the right outcomes are being achieved.

  • Case managers are all fully qualified registered nurses with experience in primary, secondary and tertiary patient care.

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We’re tried and trusted:

Patient A was referred to the service having previously been diagnosed four and a half years earlier with Breast Cancer. A secondary metastatic breast cancer tumour was found. The patient was transferred from the private healthcare scheme to The Royal Marsden under the NHS. This was estimated to have saved £200k in PMI claims costs.

Patient A

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