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Data Protection Agreement

Health Assessment and your information:

  • GPDQ will be carrying out a proactive health assessment
  • Information including your name, date of birth, address, ethnicity, GP practice, telephone number, occupation and NHS number will be collected and is essential to correctly identify you and to carry out the most appropriate pathway in treatment.
  • Any tests conducted will be processed by TDL lab and reviewed by a GPDQ GP.
  • The final health assessment report will be finalised by a GPDQ GP, who will share pseudonymised data with C1H and the management team in your organisation. 
  • A final copy of the report will be shared directly with the patient

This is a routine process, and your personal information will be used by GPDQ and your employer solely for the purposes of managing your health effectively and ensuring staff are appropriately protected.

GPDQ will keep this data securely and will hold it for 30 years, and it will then be destroyed. Please see privacy policy here:

Your employer can be contacted directly to discuss how they hold data about you, and how you can access their privacy notice.

If you wish to discuss how your data is being processed by GPDQ, then please contact: GPDQ, 7 Natal Road, London, N11 2HU or


Please note that your information is being shared as outlined above. In these instances, consent does need to be taken and it is important that it is clear to all individuals how their data is being processed and managed.