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Corporate Health

Workplace health solutions for employers


GPDQ integrates your primary healthcare services, using our own highly qualified clinicians and carefully selected partners.


Together, we create your own bespoke Workplace Medical Centre, to improve the health of your employees.


We build our services around the needs of your employees, delivered at your site or virtually.

How we help

We make it simple for your employees to access primary healthcare services.

A healthy workforce means

  • higher productivity
  • higher job satisfaction
  • greater resilience in individuals, teams and the wider organisation
  • lower absence rates
  • fewer workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims

Feel secure, knowing GPDQ helps you navigate employee health and wellbeing, reducing risk and covering any legal requirements.


Our services

Doctor Care

GP Clinics

Reduce work absences by giving employees
easy access to GPs and Nurses.

Health Check

Health Assessments

Support and retain employees with convenient
health assessments.


Flu Vaccinations

Protect your team and reduce employee absence
with winter flu vaccinations.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Care for your employees’ invisible illnesses to
boost productivity and retention.



Help employees recover faster from injury or
long term illness.

In Person

Occupational Health

Support your employees by making sure they’re
fit for work.


Women’s Health

Specific services and treatments for women in the workplace.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Improve the general health and lifestyle of employees through diet and nutrition advice.

Who we work with

“The service that GPDQ provides is of the highest possible standard”


“We are delighted with GPDQ's level of service and care. Our customers journey from the moment an appointment is booked, until an invoice is raised is flawless. The easy communication with their staff, allied with their great prices and reliability makes them a first choice provider.”


"The partnership with GPDQ is strategic for the development of our business, and since we started this business relationship, we have developed a successful model of service for the travel product in the UK. We can only be grateful for the professionalism of GPDQ and we hope that this relationship will continue for many years.”


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Nick Bushell

Nick Bushell

Business Enquiries

Head of Corporate Healthcare