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Accessing a GP quickly has never been more difficult. And it’s creating unnecessary risk of longer sick leave owing to worsening health conditions.

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Our GP Clinics service is designed to meet your goals:


Reduce short & long-term absence


Improve wellbeing & performance

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Identify your company’s health hotspots

Our GP Clinics:

  • General check-up advice, referrals (including referrals to secondary care), private prescriptions, vaccinations, phlebotomy, pre-deployment medicals and workplace medicals.

  • Delivered by GPs and clinicians who are NHS practitioners and fully verified, trained and governed by GPDQ.

  • GPs are prescribing and will refer in line with existing provider pathways.

  • Workplace GP clinics: delivered in-person in either one or half day blocks. Drop-in & booked appointments.

  • Remote video GP appointments: appointments can be booked or on demand.

  • Onsite clinics can be daily, weekly, monthly or flexible to suit your needs.

  • Each onsite appointment is typically 20-30 minutes; these can be pre-booked or made available for drop-in.

  • Each appointment is not limited to one condition – employees can cover more.

  • Employees can see the same GP at each appointment to ensure continuity of care.

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We’re tried and trusted:

GPDQ works with corporate clients ranging from 50 to 10,000 employees across multiple sites.

"I’ve found the team at GPDQ to be incredibly patient focused and easy to work with. They are very responsive and go out of their way to provide a high level of service."

Head of People, Talent and Inclusion at Mizuho Global Investment Bank

Our other NHS support services include:

Health Check

Health Assessments

Lifestyle and clinical checks including screening and testing clinics.



Onsite flu, Covid and travel vaccinations.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Onsite and online consultations for all mental health aspects.



Treatment for musculo-skeletal issues.

In Person

Occupational Health

Health and wellbeing screening including long term absence support.


Women's Health

Specific services and treatments for women in the workplace.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Personalised employee nutritional programmes.

Nurse Referral

Nurse-Led Referral Service

End-to end referral service managing patients into the NHS system.


Wellness Days

Onsite seminars including advice, examination and referral clinics.

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