Corporate Wellbeing

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Cost to UK employers of absenteeism & presenteeism


Proven reduction in absenteeism rates using GPDQ


Return on investment in GPDQ's services

* ERS research and consultancy

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  • Clinics in your office

    We’ll provide a GP to your chosen location, for a half or full day clinic. Employees can book an appointment and receive the care that they need without leaving the office.

  • Health Assessments

    Our health assessments come to you at home or in the office, without any compromise on the range of tests.

  • Specialist Services

    We provide physio, mental health, audiology and occupational health services for a full integrated solution.

  • Vaccinations

    You can vaccinate the whole office quickly and effectively against the flu or organise individual travel vaccinations.

We also offer medication delivery, private referrals, blood tests & investigations, medical certificates & notes and functional tests.

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"Working in a fast paced consultancy firm, we often don’t have the time to visit our GP’s during the week and providing this option to our employees contributes immensely to their wellbeing. The service that GPDQ provide has been of the highest standard."

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