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Free-up valuable clinician time to help meet patient demand

GPDQ’s Medical Summarising service will quickly pick up all clinical and non-clinical back-office functions to reduce your administrative burden

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Creating PCN-wide back-office functions is daunting and time-consuming, and is often at the bottom of the to-do list. Let GPDQ do the legwork and ensure you:

Health Records

Reduce delivery costs by adding more efficiency to your administrative processes


Free up capacity to see patients who need A&E care more quickly


Reduce the strain on your clinicians

Our Medical Summarising service:

  • We deliver a range of clinical and non-clinical back-office services including Medical Summarising.
  • We provide trained clinicians to meet the tasks that you need performing.
  • Summarisers are quickly trained to use your own technology, systems and processes.
  • For any correspondence that requires clinical input, we liaise with your GPs directly.
  • We work closely with you to optimise efficiency of throughput.
  • We’re flexible, so we can either help you tackle an immediate backlog or work with you on a longer-term basis.
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Why you can trust GPDQ

Grovelands Medical Centre provides a full range of NHS GP services for patients living across north London.

"Working with GPDQ has revolutionised how we manage our workload in our practice. Moving towards an externally managed summarising service has reduced not only the workload in the practice, but also improved the work life balance of everybody here. I can’t recommend this service highly enough."

Practice Manager, Grovelands Medical Centre

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