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Address health inequalities for disengaged patients, earlier

Our Community Health Screening service engages with ‘hard to reach’ patient groups and reduces the escalation of more expensive future health issues.

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Our community-based health screening service complements the NHS Health Check Programme. It mirrors the eligibility criteria, as well as scope of testing and lifestyle advice offered.

Addresses health inequalities


Identifies disease and risk earlier

Provides effective signposting to local preventive services

Our Health Check Service:

  • We arrange pop-up clinics at various locations in your community, to complement delivery through GP practices and pharmacies.
  • Patients can pre-book (via our registration system if required) or walk in.
  • Our expert clinicians have the skills and training to administer all key health check measures.
  • We provide all required health check equipment.
  • We are flexible and can stand-up services within weeks.
  • GPDQ can provide a full service, from locating venues and marketing to raise awareness, to booking, delivery and follow up.
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Our other NHS support services include:


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Rapid Response Home Visiting

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Post Operative Care

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Bespoke managed services

Bespoke Managed Services

We take pressure away with our end-to-end primary healthcare services.

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