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Reduce emergency department wait times, quickly

Together, with our A&E Overflow & Diversion service, we’ll ease A&E pressures by boosting your primary healthcare system.

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Patient demand across emergency departments is only increasing. With GPDQ’s additional clinical resource, we’ll widen patient choice to get the results you need:


Divert patients with minor illnesses and injuries


Free up capacity to see patients who need A&E care more quickly


Improve your patients’ satisfaction

Our A&E Overflow & Diversion service:

Our service is designed to run in parallel to your existing emergency departments:

  • We provide GPs and ANPs on-site to serve minor illnesses and injuries.
  • This provision can be configured for walk-in services or for pre-booked appointments.
  • We are not tied to a specific pathway, process or technology platform.
  • All our services are fully managed and clinically governed.
  • All our GPs are NHS practitioners.
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Our other NHS support services include:


Medical Summarising

Reduce administrative burdens to free up valuable clinician time.


Rapid Response Home Visiting

Expand capacity and allow your clinicians to remain in practice.


Capacity as a Service

Relieve local pressures with our flexible, governed resourcing solution.

Health Screening

Community Health Screenings

Address health inequalities for disengaged patients, earlier.

Post operative care

Post Operative Care

Free up beds and reduce readmissions.

Bespoke managed services

Bespoke Managed Services

We take pressure away with our end-to-end primary healthcare services.

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