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Blog - equal pay
Sign the petition here

by Laura on 23rd August 2017 in Uncategorised

Self-employed new mums are suffering in silence, and we need your help to stop it. Sign the petition here:   A group of our own fantastic GPs have launched a campaign for fairer maternity pay for self-employed mothers, after witnessing first-hand the ‘silent suffering’ that exists behind closed doors during the first six weeks […]

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How Group B Strep Can Affect You and Your Baby

by Laura on 13th July 2017 in Health tips

Group-B strep (GBS) is one of many types of bacteria which is found naturally living within the human body. It has a tendency to colonise the vagina and is found in up to 30% of women. Most of the time, it remains there unnoticed, peacefully co-existing with the multiple other organisms and causing no symptoms […]

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5 Health Benefits of Love
5 Health Benefits of Love

by Laura on 13th February 2017 in Health tips

Love is in the air and we at GPDQ started wondering if being loved up could actually make you healthier… Turns out, a partner isn’t just for Valentine’s Day – there are many reasons to get out there and form relationships. And it’s not just about romantic love – friendships are good for your health […]

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7 reasons to maintain a healthy weight
7 Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Weight

by Laura on 13th January 2017 in Health tips

As many of us are making our annual January effort to get to the gym and eat only the healthiest of meals, we decided to take a look at the real reasons it’s so important to maintain a health weight (all year round!)… If you do not fall within the recommended BMI range and aren’t […]

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Planning for pregnancy
Planning for Pregnancy: 5 Health Tips for Couples

by Laura on 6th January 2017 in Health tips

Considering trying for a baby in 2017? We asked pregnancy experts, Baby2Body, to share their words of wisdom for couples planning for pregnancy this year… If you’re thinking about having a baby, living healthier will not only benefit you and increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it can also benefit your baby’s future health. […]

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birthday cake
1st Birthday

by Laura on 2nd December 2016 in GPDQ news

GPDQ went live a year ago today To celebrate we’ve taken a look back at some of the key moments over the past 12 months. None of it would have been possible without all of the brilliant feedback and support we’ve had from our patients and doctors, so a huge thanks from the team here […]

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What you need to know about norovirus
What you need to know about norovirus

by Laura on 24th November 2016 in Health tips

Norovirus is often called the ‘winter vomiting bug’, although you can catch it any time of year. Norovirus actually refers to a group of viruses that cause inflammation of the lining of the stomach and large intestine – also known as, gastroenteritis. It is one of the most common winter bugs in the UK. How […]

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Quintessentially logo
GPDQ has partnered with Quintessentially

by Laura on 23rd November 2016 in GPDQ news

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Quintessentially, the global luxury concierge service. Founded in 2000, Quintessentially began as a luxury concierge service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Now with offices in 60 cities around the world, over 2,500 staff and an unrivalled global network, Quintessentially is the world’s leading […]

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Why your kids should be bored
Why your kids
should be bored

by Laura on 3rd November 2016 in Health tips

There’s a constant pressure on parents to keep their children stimulated and entertained. We must fill their time, whether that be with television, video games, sports, art, activities or books. But could this effort to keep our children constantly occupied and engaged have a negative impact on their development? Studies suggest that a little boredom […]

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Bonfire Night
How to
treat a burn

by Laura on 2nd November 2016 in Health tips

Bonfire night is a wonderful time of year and a great excuse to get family and friends together. It does, however, come with a few risks attached. Sparklers burn at up to 20 times the boiling point of water – that’s 2000 degrees Celcius! Fireworks travel up to 150 miles per hour. Whether you’re attending […]

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