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GPDQ appears regularly across the UK’s news network. See our latest coverage below:

How to Increase Your Energy Levels

Ape to Gentleman | 1 Aug 2019

Essential items for your health cupboard from family GP

Family Friendly Working | 7 May 2019

5 ways to keep your family safe and healthy this spring

Family Friendly Working | 27 Apr 2019

How Smoking Leads To A Sedentary Lifestyle

Ape to Gentleman | 30 Mar 2019

Spring health tips for families

Holistic Scotland | 26 Mar 2019

New Season, New Skincare: Spring skincare trends revealed

Beauty and Hairdressing | 13 Mar 2019

Six Spring time skincare trends

Travel Magazine | 13 Mar 2019

How The Doctors Keep Healthy

Health & Wellbeing | 6 Mar 2019

The Sun

10 Ways To Self-Care This Winter

Mumfidential | 7 Feb 2019

10 Practical Self-Care Hacks for Parents

Mummy Fever | 7 Feb 2019

Doctor’s Diagnosis Of Wellbeing Trends

The People's Friend | 14 Jan 2019

Soap Vs Shower Gel – The Truth!

Belle About Town | 27 Dec 2018

Bolton News

The Science Behind Christmas Anxiety

Belle About Town | 21 Dec 2018

Digital solution for GP recruitment launched

Digital Health Age | 11 Dec 2018

5 Christmas Hazards Around the Home

Family Friendly Working | 6 Dec 2018

The Sad Side Of Christmas

The Carer | 5 Dec 2018

7 Ways to Avoid Catching the Flu

The Carer | 15 Nov 2018

7 ways to avoid catching the flu

Sixty Plus Surfers | 14 Nov 2018

2018 ITIJ Awards winners

International Travel & Health Insurance Journal | 1 Nov 2018

7 Ways To Avoid Catching The Flu

My Weekly | 22 Oct 2018

7 ways to avoid catching the flu

Open Access Government | 12 Oct 2018

Flu Prevention Tips For Your Family

Motherhood: The Real Deal | 24 Sep 2018

The Truth About “Man Flu”

Ape to Gentleman | 23 Sep 2018

How Families Can Prepare for Flu Season

Honest Mum | 7 Sep 2018

Top 10 Essential Devices for Parents

Up All Hours | 7 Sep 2018

The Impact Of Headphones On Your Wellbeing

Ape to Gentleman | 1 Aug 2018

How Dads Can Support Breastfeeding

Mumfidential | 1 Aug 2018

GPDQ focuses on health-related awareness weeks and other health-related news – Click on the subjects below to see the full press release.

Our team of media-friendly GPs are available for TV and radio interviews, and are happy to share opinion editorial or advice content.

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Dr Anshumen Bhagat

Dr Bhagat is GPDQ’s founder and Chief Medical Officer.  He’s practised as an NHS GP for 15 years in North London.  He developed GPDQ, the UK’s first doctor on demand app to connect patients with GPs to deliver top quality care.

Dr Mateen Jiwani

Dr Jiwani is one of GPDQ’s Clinical Leads.  He works as a GP, Medical Director for Enfield Primary Care Trust and is an educational lead for Royal College of General Practitioners (NWL).  He completed an NIHR fellowship in eHealth and is lecturer for Telemedicine at Imperial College.


Dr Sara Kayat

Dr Kayat is one of GPDQ’s founding doctors and a resident GP for the weekly ‘Second Opinion’ feature on ITV’s This Morning.

Dr Jet Khasriya

Dr Khasriya is a practising NHS-registered GP based in West London. Jet has a keen interest in medical technology, innovation and science and he’s written many articles in this field.


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