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Detecting asymptomatic Covid-19 cases in the workplace

February 11, 2021 By Lucian Lo


Tradition provides brokerage services in a comprehensive range of financial and commodity related markets. Throughout the pandemic they’ve continued to maintain essential services and called upon GPDQ to provide Covid-19 rapid antigen testing in the workplace.

Tradition’s objectives were clear from the outset, and we worked with Charlie Harper, the firm’s HR Director to help achieve them.

Tradition’s objectives: 

  • Enhance existing Covid-19 controls and measures in the office 
  • Give further peace of mind to key workers who need to work regularly in their London office
  • Help to validate Tradition’s Covid-19 Workplace Health strategy and mitigate employees’ anxiety

GPDQ provided:

  • Covid-19 rapid antigen testing kits for 40 key workers per week
  • Clinicians for administering the tests at Tradition offices in Aldgate, London
  • Results within 30 mins of each test being carried out 

The twice-weekly rapid antigen testing allowed Tradition to take control of employee safety and workplace transmissions by identifying asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19. This level of regular test and trace practices prevented isolation periods for non-infected employees and therefore reduced absenteeism. 

“The team at GPDQ have provided a fantastic service in their process and administration, ensuring as little disruption and impact on our employees and business as possible, they’re timely and professional and the practitioners performing the tests have mirrored this professionalism.”

Charli Harper, HR Director at Tradition 


What is Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Testing?

  • Identities employees that are asymptomatic carriers in order to break transmission
  • Delivers results on-site in 30 mins
  • Administered at regular intervals

To discuss how GPDQ can help administer rapid Covid-19 testing for your workforce, contact a member of our team at