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Why your kids should be bored
Why your kids
should be bored

by Laura on 3rd November 2016 in Health tips

There’s a constant pressure on parents to keep their children stimulated and entertained. We must fill their time, whether that be with television, video games, sports, art, activities or books. But could this effort to keep our children constantly occupied and engaged have a negative impact on their development? Studies suggest that a little boredom […]

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stressed woman
8 Ways to Combat Stress

by Laura on 19th May 2016 in Health tips

What is stress? Stress is difficult to quantify or explain, but it is something that almost all of us have felt at one time or another. Most people describe stress as being overwhelmed and/or under pressure and feeling unable to cope. Everyone has different thresholds for stress and while some people may prefer a busy, […]

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