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Covid and Flu: The Terrible Two

September 10, 2021 By Lucian Lo


Pre-Covid a cold meant one of two things. A sick day or to power through, come to the office and potentially spread the cold or flu.


Now rewind back to Autumn 2020. The global pandemic rumbled on and the fear of having flu and Covid was serious – especially for employees and especially with an increasing duty of care to your staff.


Flu vaccinations were needed.


But with the UK government undertaking its biggest ever rollout of vaccinations, shortage of supply for the workforce in the UK dwindled.


Fortunately for our network of businesses, GPDQ could access flu supply and worked tirelessly with 100s of UK employers to protect their teams.


Crest Nicholson was one of them. They had key workers on site and couldn’t risk the spread of a secondary respiratory infection and the subsequent disruption to a key service for the public.


Company objectives: 

  • Provide protection to employees against flu                   
  • Give peace of mind to key workers who need to work regularly in their London office
  • Help to validate their Covid-19 Workplace Health strategy and mitigate employees’ anxiety


GPDQ provided:

  • Flu vaccinations
  • Clinicians to administer the tests at their offices
  • A Covid-19 safe service


‘GPDQ provided a professional, friendly and efficient service from start to finish.  Everything was very well organised and of a high standard.  Overall, the service was an excellent experience and we will be happy to book for next year.’

Lyn Lennox – Crest Nicholson


Protect your team:

Click here to find out more about how GPDQ can help to protect your employees from the flu this season or email