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What To Check Before You Fly

Right now, there’s more to think about than ever before when it comes to booking a holiday. From inspecting your insurance policy to making plans in advance, here’s a guide of what you should be looking at before you get off.

1. Check your insurance policy.

Travel insurance should always be on the top of your checklist before any trip abroad. Because we’re in the midst of a pandemic, having the right travel insurance and knowing precisely what you’re covered for is more critical than ever.

2. Look at quarantine requirements

A few months ago, the government released its list of green, amber and red countries that spell out how long and where passengers will have to quarantine on their return. Be sure to check what category your destination country falls into and what will be required on your return.

3. Pack some necessary extras

Going anywhere these days requires a little extra thought when it comes to what you need to take with you. Flying on a plane can feel unclean at the best of times, so be sure to pack:
– Mask
– Hand sanitiser
– Antibacterial wipes

4. Plan more of your trip in advance

Before you decide on a destination, it might be worth looking into if there will be enough to do once you arrive. So, researching if the beach is open? Or if you need to book a time slot at the pool? Again, these questions might be worth checking before you book.

5. Book your tests!

Whether your destination is on the green, amber or red list, most countries now require all arrivals – regardless of quarantine plans – to present a negative PCR test at departure.

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