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Our vaccines are UK sourced and we use the same suppliers as the NHS.

Flu Vaccine

Adult Vaccines

Travel Vaccines

Child immunisations

8 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks

One year

13 months +

2 – 6 years

3 years and 4 months

12 – 13 years (girls only)

14 years


Prescriptions are included and a medication delivery service is available to your door.

Private referrals

Private referrals are included and all recommendations are tried and trusted.

Blood tests

Blood tests can be carried out at the location of your choice.

Health Assessments

We offer three off the shelf solutions,  but we can of course tailor something to you.

Lifestyle Check

Wellbeing Check

Advanced Health Check


Physio services are available on demand or in clinic and a programme will be tailored to suit your needs.


Ear Cleaning, Hearing Tests and Balance Restoration.

Mental Health

We offer therapy from professionally trained psychologists at a time and place that suits you.