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Top tips for managing post lockdown stress and anxiety

As lockdown restrictions ease, you may be feeling excited about returning to some sort of normality, but you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed or anxious.

Here are our top tips for coping with post-lockdown anxiety to make the transition as smooth as possible

Take it slow
It is totally natural to feel overwhelmed at the thought of returning to work or socialising with friends. Take things one step at a time and go at your own pace, everyone has been affected by the pandemic differently, so try not to compare your feelings to anyone else’s.

Keep talking
Share how you’re feeling with someone you feel comfortable talking to and chances are they will be feeling the same way. And if you would prefer to speak to someone confidentially, our team of GPs are here for you at a time and place that suits you.

If you are feeling worried about returning to work, have an honest conversation with your manager and discuss the option of a flexible working pattern with reduced office days. Try to be prepared with a plan of how it could work in the longer term and the benefits you have found over the past year in terms of your productivity.

Keep moving
Taking care of your physical health by moving regularly and nourishing your body with healthy foods, actually helps manage those feelings of anxiety and stressful situations when they arise. A brisk 30 minute walk can do the world of good, find an exercise regime that suits the rhythm of your own life and works for you.

Focus on the positive
Yes it will be daunting to go back to normal life but try and focus on the positives and make a list of the little things you can enjoy again once lockdown ends. Consider a gratitude journal, where you write down what you’re feeling grateful for each day.

Controlling your breath during times of anxiety and stress can really help manage those feelings. A technique such as box breathing is perfect for bringing a sense of control and calm. Check out our Instagram page for info on this technique. And the more you practice breathwork, the quicker you will be able to pull it from your ‘toolkit’ when you really need it.