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Reset and Rebalance

January may be over but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on the window to start the year fresh! With the Pandemic very much a reality in the UK and with lockdown uncertainty still looming large, many of us have used January as a sort of ‘ease in’ month. A more relaxed start to the year with less of a focus on New Year New You and more of a focus on day to day survival.

Working from home, home school and job uncertainty combined with our non-stop winter weather means January felt long and unforgiving at times but it also allowed us to enjoy some little pleasures and not take things too seriously.
If this is you and you’re now craving a little more structure and focus to your days, now is the perfect time to Rebalance & Reset for the year ahead. Use February as your kick off month to a more balanced and fulfilled life. Here’s How:

What’s Your Purpose?

Defying your ultimate purpose sounds so simple but can actually be one of the hardest things we ever do. It’s a big ask to discover what your ultimate life goal/s is/are so we suggest starting small. Make a list of what you want to achieve this month, in the next six months and by the end of the year. Set yourself gaols and targets and make sure you write it down or better yet tell a close friend and make yourself accountable. Looking ahead at the bigger picture is also so important too. Can you picture yourself in 5/10 years’ time? If you’re not on track it’s time to ask yourself why. And often the answers lies in our past experiences even as far back as childhood. If you can identify what is causing you to stumble on your road to fulfilment you can start addressing the issues and make some positive changes.

Put Self Care Top of the Agenda

‘Self-Care’ is a relatively new term coined into our vocabulary, but it’s never been more relevant. And no we’re not just talking facemasks and your favourite candle here, although these little treats have their place! Taking time to care for your body and mind is vital right now. With mental health across all ages groups and demographics at an all-time low we need to ensure we are caring for ourselves and putting our wellbeing first.

It’s easy to spiral into a daily routine right now that leaves no time for you, ultimately leading to burn out. To reset your routine take a step back and do a bit of daily planning. If your juggling home school and work make a schedule to priority what really needs done in a day. We can’t do everything and that’s’ the bottom line. Break up the day into chunks and if you’re in the lucky position to have another adult at home or in your bubble, share the load. Team work makes the dream work after all.

If you can get outdoors and get your steps in in any way you can. A walk or quick run will do wonders first thing or is the perfect afternoon pick me up. Block out some time in your calendar each day for exercise.
And find an evening ritual that you look forward to. This can be anything from a bubble bath, quiet time to read a book or a Netflix binge. Anything that boosts your mood is a priority right now.

Nurture your Support Bubble

Right now friends and family are the common thread that gives us a little sense of normality. Our whole world has been tuned upside down and day to day life has changed so much for so many but one thing that remains content is the people that surround us.

Make sure you dedicate time every week to seeing your loved ones and taking time to talk, whether this is in person or virtually. Life does go on beyond the pandemic and real life chats are good for the soul. It’s important to remember your friends and family are still there for you even at a distance and be there to offer support and time to your loved ones also. Human connection is not cancelled.

Find your Power

Finding the power within might sound like something you would never say let alone practice however, tough times call for an open mind. And if you’re looking to create a more fulfilling 2021 then you will need all the power you can get.
Owning your power can manifest itself in so many ways from learning to trust your gut, listening to your emotions, walking away from toxic situations, tackling problems head on and not being scared of the unknown.
There is nothing like a global pandemic to jolt us into living a more fearless existence!

Get Financially Fit in 2021

Sorting out your finances can improve your mental health and sense of overall wellbeing so make sure you look after your financial health a little more this year. Financial stress and insecurity is on the rise and it’s one of the biggest causes of stress in over 25s. Now that we have a more time at home and spending options are limited right now we should use this time to get our finances in check.

Don’t be scared to ask for advice from your bank (that’s what they’re there for) and they can also provide help with debt management if you’re struggling. The Citizens Advice Bureaus also has a wealth of money management advice and is a completely fee service.

Worrying about money and unpaid bills can quickly lead to sleep deprivation and anxiety and often impacts on our closet relationships. Talking about the problem is the first step to solving it, so it’s time to get realistic.

• Look at your incomings and outgoings. Spending beyond our means is easily done but sometimes we need to sit back and look at the numbers to get a reality check.
• Look where you can make savings / ask for payment holidays and reductions that you’re eligible for
• Make sure you cancel unused memberships right now
• Stop unnecessary spending on credit cards and always have a minimum payments set up
• Set up a savings account – start small and try to work towards a bigger contribution each month
• Be smart about longer term financial health – do you have a pension? If not start speaking to your employer about what options are available.
• Budget! Set yourself a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it.

Put Health top of your Agenda

– Don’t let COVID-19 be the reason you put off seeking medical advice. No matter how small or insignificant it seems our health is should always be top of our priority list.
– GPDQ offers an efficient and private way to access expert medical care and advice. Book an at home or virtual consultations today and let us help you with any medical concerns you may have.
– Our male and female health checks which can be carried out in the privacy of your own home are a great way to kick start 2021.

Find out more and book now.