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Employee Healthcare

  • Physical and mental wellbeing

  • Occupational health

  • Covid-19 workplace testing

We are a trusted NHS partner, providing comprehensive Covid-19 Workplace Health services. Used by leading UK employers, we’re here to look after your teams health by helping you to maintain a healthy working environment, and mitigate against future illness.

For every £1 spent on employees’ wellbeing, employers can expect a return of £5

Simply fill in the short form and a member of our Corporate Wellbeing team will be in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Covid-19 workplace health service

Through Covid-19 and beyond, we are passionate about investing in employee health and creating safe working environments for a productive future.

Onsite and remote GP services

Show staff you care

Taking care of staff is a win-win for employees and companies. After all, happy, healthy teams can significantly boost your bottom line. Our onsite and remote GP services make it easy for you to offer consultations, screening and more, whether staff are on a business trip, in the workplace or working from home.

  • GP consultations

  • Doctor-led health checks

  • Covid-19 testing

  • Risk stratification for workers

  • Mental health, occupational therapy and physiotherapy support

  • Wellness clinics and workshops

Occupational health & physiotherapists

Help staff feel their best

We’ve all done it, but working while under the weather, injured or tired can affect work performance and make health problems worse. GPDQ’s occupational health services help you implement the health and wellbeing initiatives that lead to happier, more productive teams.

  • Physiotherapy: onsite and remote services

  • Ergonomics: remote DSE assessments, workstation assessments and consultancy

  • Physical health: wellness clinics and workshops

Mental health

Live well & work well

Everyone has ups and downs but a mental health disorder can affect your ability to do everyday things, feel pleasure or take interest in activities, including work. We help the people you employ live and work well with 1-1 therapy, wellness clinics and workshops run by professionally trained psychologists.

  • Confidential and secure access to UK qualified psychologists

  • Physical health: 1-1 therapy, wellness clinics and workshops

Corporate flu vaccinations

Avoiding the big sneeze

The flu jab helps prevent the spread of flu in the workplace and keep teams fit and healthy for work. It takes our skilled nurses just 5 minutes to carry out, enabling you to offer group vaccinations with ease. Why offer corporate flu vaccinations?

  • The flu virus is highly contagious

  • Flu can spread before symptoms show

  • Flu recovery typically takes 7-10 days

Type of Covid-19 tests

We currently offer three tests to help you prevent and reduce transmission and maintain a healthy work environment.

PCR Molecular testing

PCR testing is for those who display any of the main Covid-19 symptoms: a cough, high temperature or change to sense of smell or taste.

Rapid antigen testing

Rapid testing can help your business prevent asymptomatic employees spreading the disease within the workplace and in society.

Antibody testing

An antibody test can tell you if it’s likely you’ve had coronavirus before.

Why choose GPDQ

GPDQ provides quick, easy and cost-effective access to high quality healthcare. GP-led and supported by a stellar clinical team, our tailored workplace health solutions help businesses reduce risks and build happy, healthy and productive teams.


The faster, better way to look after team health


Care delivered on site or remotely, pre-booked or on demand.


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