GPDQ Corporate Wellbeing

GPDQ corporate wellbeing packages incorporate a range of GP services to help minimise sickness and promote wellbeing in your organisation – saving you time and money and improving productivity. We ensure your team receives only the highest standard of medical care, thanks to the careful vetting and training process all GPDQ doctors must pass.

We offer two options for GP care:

Corporate Wellbeing In-house clinics

In-house Clinics

We provide GPs at your office or chosen location, for a half or full day clinic. Employees can then book an appointment and get the care they need without having to leave the office. We can also arrange for vaccinations, blood tests or full health checks as required.

Corporate Wellbeing On-demand visits

On-demand Visits

If you have an unwell employee, we can send a doctor to see them at work or at their home within an average of 90 minutes. This can be easily requested by the individual, or by you as an employer, and is available 8am – 11pm, 7 days a week in Central London and Birmingham.



Available Extras

prescription delivery

Medication Delivery

When needed, our doctors can arrange for prescribed medication to be delivered within 2 hours.

Health Checks

Wellness Checks

We can arrange Wellman and Wellwoman healthchecks for members of staff at a location that suits them.


Private Referrals

Thanks to our excellent secondary care partners, we can arrange quick and seamless referrals into secondary care whenever needed.



We’ve got you covered, whether you need travel jabs for employees going abroad for work or you’d like to get the whole team protected with the flu jab.

Sick notes or fit to fly

Sick notes / Fit to fly notes

We don’t charge for every little extra. GPDQ doctors can provide any notes or letters required during the consult for no extra cost.

Blood tests

Blood Tests

We can arrange for blood tests to be done at your chosen location and provide results within 24 – 48 hours.


Time off

25 minutes off work, not half a day

Your employee time is a precious resource, so why have them spending it in a waiting room? On average they will visit a GP 6 times per year, spending much of their time stuck in a waiting room or travelling to the clinic. GPDQ eliminates that wasted time by visiting the employee directly, where and when it suits them.

Improved productivity

Healthy, productive teams

We can help you reduce absenteeism and boost overall productivity. Illness in the workplace prevents your teams from working at their peak. By offering immediate medical care when they need it, sickness can be caught early and your employees can get better faster.

Corporate Wellbeing benefits

A valued benefit for happy employees

Healthcare benefits often focus on secondary care and can go unused (and therefore unappreciated) by many of your employees. GPDQ services address a key pain point that affects almost everyone – fast access to primary care. By making GPDQ part of your wellbeing program, you can provide a benefit that staff will regularly feel the value of.

It is immensely valuable utilising a service like GPDQ. Working in a fast paced consultancy firm, we often don’t have the time to visit our GPs during the week and providing this option to our employees contributes immensely to their wellbeing. The service that GPDQ provides has been of the highest standard. They are extremely professional, discreet and above all a friendly and approachable company to work with.

Get in touch

If you are interested in working with GPDQ to improve your corporate wellbeing programme, please tell us a bit about your organisation and what you’re looking for and a GPDQ account manager will get back to you right away. Please fill out the form below or call 0203 805 1781

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