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A Heart-to-Heart on Non-Communicable Diseases

by Laura on 12th September 2016 in Health tips

While prevention of all types of illnesses is important, prevention of non-communicable diseases is becoming an increasingly hot topic. Check out our heart-to-heart on non-communicable diseases for a quick review of what you need to know. What is a non-communicable disease? A non-communicable disease (NCD) is not passed from person to person, but is developed …

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Sick child in bed

4 Tips for Coping
with Back to School Bugs

by Laura on 2nd September 2016 in Health tips

With school back in session, you may well be dreading the inevitable colds, bugs and viruses that result when children are crowded together. Dr Ellie Cannon wrote a great article about this for MyBaba – you can catch the full article here or read our quick rundown of the key points… What to do when …

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Top tips for 5 common breastfeeding issues

by Laura on 5th August 2016 in Health tips

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, we spoke to both mothers and doctors to address some of the most common breastfeeding issues. It can be difficult at the beginning and 92% of new mums have at least 1 concern regarding breastfeeding, so know you’re not alone. Top tips for 5 common breastfeeding issues   1. …

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Hepatitis what you need to know and how to stay safe

Hepatitis: What you need to know

by Laura on 26th July 2016 in Health tips

There are still more than 400 million people around the world infected with hepatitis B or C. Only about 1 in 20 people with viral hepatitis know they are infected and only 1 in 100 cases are treated. This year’s World Hepatitis Day has been given the theme “Know Hepatitis–Act Now” and everyone is encouraged …

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Drink More Water
the Easy Way

by Laura on 12th July 2016 in Health tips

Why Drink More Water? Water is our most important life source. It makes up 85% of your brain, 80% of your blood and 70% of your muscles. While we can go weeks without food, we can only go 3 days without water. It is essential for alertness, circulation, nutrient absorption, digestion, kidney function, detoxification, regulation …

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Sun Protection in Ten Simple Tips

Sun Protection in
Ten Simple Tips

by Laura on 21st June 2016 in Health tips

While sun is essential for Vitamin D, bone health and high mood, it is important to take proper precaution, regardless of your skin type or tone. Protecting your skin and your health has never been more fashionable and fun! Five Facts about Sun Protection Longer Ultraviolet A (UVA) and shorter Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays can …

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Prep for Paradise: Your Healthy Holiday Guide

Prep for Paradise:
Your Healthy
Holiday Guide

by Laura on 21st June 2016 in Health tips

Summer is officially in full-swing and we’re all looking forward to the holidays! Whether you’re hiking in the Himalayas or soaking up the sun in Spain, GPDQ has some travel tips that will make sure this summer is the best one yet. Preparing for Holiday Heaven 1. Vaccines About 4-6 weeks before departure, check the …

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8 Ways to Combat Stress

by Laura on 19th May 2016 in Health tips

What is stress? Stress is difficult to quantify or explain, but it is something that almost all of us have felt at one time or another. Most people describe stress as being overwhelmed and/or under pressure and feeling unable to cope. Everyone has different thresholds for stress and while some people may prefer a busy, …

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Managing dementia

Diagnosing and Managing Dementia

by Laura on 16th May 2016 in Health tips

Dementia is not a disease in itself, but rather a word used to describe a group of symptoms that occur when brain cells stop working properly. Symptoms often develop over years, and early signs are often missed or mistaken for the natural ageing process. It can be debilitating and upsetting, and whilst there is currently …

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Asthma attack

The 5 steps to follow during an asthma attack

by Laura on 3rd May 2016 in Health tips

In the UK, around 1 in every 12 adults and 1 in every 11 children are being treated for asthma. It can develop at any age and we don’t know exactly why certain people develop asthma, except that it is more likely if there is a family history of the condition. Asthma is caused by …

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