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4 Tips for Coping with Back to School Bugs

With school back in session, you may well be dreading the inevitable colds, bugs and viruses that result when children are crowded together. Dr Ellie Cannon wrote a great article about this for MyBaba – you can catch the full article here or read our quick rundown of the key points…

What to do when your child has a virus

Drink plenty of fluids

1) Drink, drink and drink some more

No, we don’t mean have a glass of wine to ease your nerves. Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and fever all use up water that needs to be replaced. Make sure your child has plenty to drink and often. Water is best, but it’s so important to get the fluids in that you can afford to be a little less strict. Read these tips to make drinking water more appealing.


2) Let them sleep

Being unwell is exhausting, so do not worry if your child is sleeping for longer than normal and taking naps during the day. Sleep will help them to get better faster, so let them rest – don’t be tempted to send them back to school too soon.


3) Watch out for drowsiness

Whilst being tired and sleeping more than usual is to be expected, drowsiness is something else. If they’re difficult to wake, less alert and seem constantly asleep then that is not normal and you should see a doctor urgently.

Loss of appetite

4) Lack of appetite is normal

Even with a minor cold, children tend to lose their appetite. This is not a cause for alarm or a sign that something more serious is wrong. You should still offer them food, but do not worry if for a few days they will only eat toast or cereal. It’s more important that they are drinking plenty of fluids. Also be aware that it can often take a few days for their appetite to return after they get better.

For the full article, visit MyBaba.

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